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Economics Personal Statement

The dynamic consumer society we live in is governed by many different factors, which I have developed a fascination for. I have become aware of how all markets have strategies, for instance oligopolies which operate in retail, first degree discrimination within auction sites and tacit collusion in the energy industry. I continually strive to develop my understanding of the economy and this pursuit has served to widen my knowledge and led to success in all of my early opportunities.

This journey began whilst completing a Certificate in Personal Finances during Year 9, which gave me my first in-depth insight into the industry. I achieved the highest mark in my school at BCS and therefore was given the opportunity to study early AS Business Studies – something I was ecstatic to undertake. I also chose Financial Literacy Level 3 as a way of delving deeper into the financial world, where my aptitude resulted in my mark being in the top 1% nationally. My apposite A-level choices have given me a sound foundation in consumer rationale, whilst offering different insights into socio-economic issues. They have enhanced my communication and analytical skills, and have also taught me new transferable skills, such as debating and evaluation.

I recently attended a lecture by Professor Stephen Walt of Harvard University, at the London School of Economics and Political Science, which posed the question: ‘Does Europe have a future?’. I found myself fascinated by the success of Europe’s history, which Walt contrasted with the current fundamental challenges the EU faces. Being in this environment captivated me and further sparked my desire to attend university.

I have taken every opportunity to further my experience within the financial world. Shadowing a director at a FTSE 100 company, CAPITA, enabled me to apply, further and adapt the knowledge and skills I had already learnt. I developed my communication skills greatly, boosting both my confidence and my professionalism. I attended a strategy meeting which discussed how a loss of revenue affects an organisation; it became apparent how critical skill redeployment and communication are to a company’s success. An opportunity to join the Research and Design team at BluePrint Collections gave me an awareness of how smaller-scale businesses are run. By producing prototypes and helping to develop the company’s social media presence, I boosted my teamwork skills and attention to detail.

I am an ‘Events Prefect’ which involves organising prom along with termly Sixth Form socials. This gives me the opportunity to collaborate, enhance my ability to cope well under pressure and, if necessary, assume a managerial position. I am a member of Leventhorpe Debating Society, which helps me to formulate and structure cogent arguments. Last year, I was awarded two Headmaster’s Commendations, for English Literature and Financial Studies, which exemplifies how my passion drives me to succeed in everything I participate in. I have been recognised as a Community Youth Champion, which involved delivering a coherent presentation on youth crime to a large audience including the local council, police and fire departments. Despite having a birth defect in my back, I participate in charity runs which demonstrates my determination to overcome any barriers I face. Running and keeping active takes me out of the somewhat stressful and intense environment A level’s are in.

I believe there is a lot that I can bring to the thriving university community. I recognise that there are many challenges that lie ahead, however I am capable of overcoming these as my interest in the Business world consistently drives me to succeed. Having developed a strong foundation of the economy, I am looking to build on this in a dynamic environment which will enable me to achieve my full potential.

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