PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Economics and Management Personal Statement

Economics and Management Personal Statement

Economics attempts to understand and address many of the world’s most serious problems. I would like to enhance my knowledge of the economic and social principles of global sustainable development, such as the divergence between rich and poor countries and how this links with the theories of growth so that I can help to alleviate the effects of these types of economic problems.

I have enjoyed the macroeconomic side of the course and I am looking forward to learning more about globalisation after reading The Undercover Economist by Harford as he argues that the benefits of globalisation outweigh the disadvantages, such as the “Race to the Bottom”. Furthermore, the article Globalisation Shakes the World by Schifferes brought context to Harford’s views by allowing me to understand the contrasting effects of globalisation on Bangalore and Michigan. In general I enjoy keeping up with current economic affairs and I am intrigued by the future effects of the recent migration of refugees from Syria into Europe and I am keen to understand whether this will be of benefit or burden to European economies.

I enjoy taking part in voluntary work such as my work experience in Uganda in August 2014. The visit highlighted the countries many issues such as famine, poor infrastructure and the vast inequality between developed countries and developing countries. This led me to read The Bottom Billion by Collier which enabled me to gain a better understanding of the positions of the countries at the bottom of the global economic system by explaining the four economic traps. This suggested that Uganda is a failing economy because it is landlocked by bad neighbours, as well as recently being stuck in the conflict trap, from which it has now escaped but is still at high risk of falling back into due to its low income and slow growth. The Bottom Billion also analyses the effectiveness of global aid. This had lead me to research about how Britain’s overseas budget is spent and how the UN aims to deal with global poverty. I found the UN’s 17 new goals regarding sustainable development and economic policy very ambitious particularly ending poverty and hunger globally and providing quality education for all by 2030.

In March 2015 I completed a Future Learn course about how genes influence cancer development. I found this very beneficial as it built on my knowledge of genetics and how this has been used to produce technological advances that may eventually cure cancer. For this reason I am currently doing another online course about wealth and income inequality with the Open University. As an academic scholar I thrive on opportunities for independent research and work, and these courses have allowed me to achieve these aims.

The subjects I have taken through to A Level have taught me valuable skills; Mathematics has developed my problem solving and data analysis skills and studying Biology and Chemistry has allowed me to think critically and improve my investigative skills. I am taking part in the Biology Olympiad competition which utilises knowledge gained from inside the A level course to answer questions outside of the course curriculum.

I enjoy the challenge that leadership brings whether in the Community Service unit visiting a local school or in my role as a School Prefect and House captain which has meant I have learnt the importance of communication, teamwork and commitment. Furthermore, I have chosen to become an academic mentor which includes tutoring younger students. Whilst maintaining a strong academic record I also participate in School hockey and netball teams and I have decided to take part in the Young Enterprise scheme this year to improve my understanding of the business world.

I have greatly enjoyed the challenges that I have encountered so far and I look forward to focusing my learning on a subject that I find intellectually stimulating and which will provide me a range of career opportunities

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