PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Economics Personal Statement

Submitted by Phoebe

Economics Personal Statement

Submitted by Phoebe

Economics is woven into our lives even if we are unaware of its significance, from the simple buying of our morning coffee to the complex analytics of stock prices. Undertaking a degree in Economics, will empower me to explore and question the reasoning behind every day decisions using qualitative and quantitative methods. International Economics interests me due to the fact I have lived in seven countries and it fascinates me that two countries such as USA and Mexico can be so close to each other yet have completely different economic stabilities.

My chosen subjects at A-Level will provide me with a solid foundation. Studying Maths has taught me the value of logical processing, which I can utilise when using statistical methods to forecast changes in the macro-economy and in econometrics. This is complemented by my passion for Business Studies which has allowed me to recognise the importance of raw data as a stepping stone for actionable decision making. I have found the leadership modules in Physical Education compelling, as they show me the art of communication between individuals and teams. This will be particularly useful when participating in economic debates.

In June I attended an Economics taster day at SOAS University of London, which cemented my passion for the subject. The lecture focused on Environmental Economics, as this was the base of the professor's research. This particular topic fascinated me immensely, as what a country has to offer in the way of its natural resources can shape its economy and levels of trading. I was stimulated by his theories on the repercussions of money driven leaders, who disregard the impacts on the environment to make more jobs, trade and capital. This led me to read 'The Undercover Economist' by Tim Hartford, which divulges the hidden enigmas of conglomerate firms. I am attending a lecture at LSE in October where the speaker, Jean Tirole - Noble Prize in Economics, is introducing his manifesto 'Economics for the Common Good'. I am looking forward to reading this, as he has a drive to illustrate how Economics can benefit everyone.

My desire to read Economics at university was reinforced by my week of work experience at Bloomberg in London. During my time here I shadowed employees from different departments, the highlight for me was definitely in sales. The hustle and bustle of the trading floor was exhilarating and eye-opening. Witnessing the employees making fast yet critical decisions inspired me to open a Vanguard account, where I could invest my own money into stocks such as the UK FTSE 100. It is imperative that I track the performance and evaluate the best way to progress, as well as predict if external impacts such as changes in government could affect my results. This sparked my interest in the financial modules of my degree. In considering career paths, I attended a networking session at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where I was captivated by an employee who outlined her journey to secure a job in acquisition and mergers. This fascination in management and leadership prompted me to read, 'Power: A radical View' by Steven Lukes, who explains the exercise of power in a 3 dimensional view.

Outside of my studies, I work at Waitrose. As well as teaching me the values of communication and time management, I am intrigued about purchasing patterns among customers and how these reflect the current economic climate. Completing my Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh has allowed me to accumulate 120 hours of volunteering. Playing hockey at first team level and coaching years seven to nine has shown me the importance of being organised. I have held the position of senior prefect at my previous secondary school and my current sixth form. I am confident that my work ethic and experiences position me well to further my study of Economics.

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