PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Economics Personal Statement

Submitted by Naqsh

Economics Personal Statement

Submitted by Naqsh

My admiration for the subject of economics stems from the way it captivates and challenges me. The reason why it captivates me is that I would love to learn about how the long-term changes in world income and population are quantified, how the forces that explain the success of leaders are identified and about the obstacles that hindered economic advance in lagging regions. The way money and fiscal policy affects society in general motivates me to study economics. I would love to learn about how our income and the income of others in the world shapes the way we live. Economics will help me understand how different population demographics live and the way this is controlled by the economy.

I have always had a fondness for numbers. During my time in school I was chosen to be a part of a small group that went to maths competitions and in one instance I was instrumental in leading my team to a runner up position. My A-Levels of Maths and History combine well for me as the Mathematics has improved my mathematics skills and the History has helped me gain good essay-writing skills which include research and analytical skills which were improved again after I had completed my 4000-word essay as coursework. I also completed an AS level in Business Studies which allowed me to get a taster into how business and money help run the world. My Law A-Level allowed me to gain skills in making decisions and looking into how the rule of law is important in the country. Law has allowed me to look at the broader picture and assessing a situation from a neutral viewpoint after debating both sides of the scenario.

My hobbies mostly centre on sport; I love to play cricket and football and I would never mind trying out a new sport. I find sports a great way to unwind and have fun at the same time! Sports allowed me to gain leadership and team-working skills which will help me to learn about the leadership of countries and their policies. I believe that my people skills were enhanced after I volunteered at a primary school in Pakistan during the summer. During this time, I started to understand the plight of underprivileged children and how the economy shapes this. Whilst I was volunteering I needed the ability to adapt and change quickly as working with children is very demanding. After teaching the children mathematics it helped develop my skills even further as we all know that teaching is the best way to learn yourself.

After careful deliberation into what course I would be suitable for; economics is the perfect fit. I would like to carry on learning about the economy at degree level and after extensive research, economics is the best course to achieve this. An economics degree will also allow me to apply my literary and information-processing skills to real world situations. I hope that this economics degree will allow me to begin an excellent career in the banking/finance sector. I believe that I would be able to contribute socially and academically to university life by joining clubs and societies and by achieving the best grades possible.

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