PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Business Economics Personal Statement

Submitted by Karin

Business Economics Personal Statement

Submitted by Karin

Having derived from a family that has continuously been driven by business has heavily prompted my decision to pursue Business Economics at university. Growing up, I was surrounded by several family members who owned their own businesses, and despite how diverse each market was from one another, they were achieving their ambitions and this is something I have always admired.

A book called 'Why Rich Countries Got Rich... and Why Poor Countries Stay Poor' by Erik S. Reinert, a well-known individual in the field of economics, focuses on the ways in which economically developed countries have remained and continued developing through investment and despite various efforts applied how poor countries stay LIC's. A key feature of this book is that Reinert tends to focus on economic history, and throughout economics such as stock trading, this is an underlying denominator in being successful.

Gaining first-hand experience of the study of Business has allowed me to identify and comprehend the way in which businesses use branding strategies to gain consumers. Red and yellow are common colours throughout the food industry as they both engross the attention of potential consumers, whilst psychologically stimulating an appetite. My study of Politics has enabled me to comprehend the complexity of current affairs such as Brexit. Through my assigned study of the European Union, this has enabled me to understand how the UK benefitted for being a member of the European Union. However, leaving the EU may decrease the amount of foreign direct investment (FDI) within the country, due to the increase in tariffs for international trade and globalization. Throughout my academic experience, irrespective of the subject of business, I have maintained a liking for Mathematics, hence, my desire to study a course which incorporates this.

Choosing to continue my pursuit of studying Business Economics by undergoing a foundation year, has not only broadened my knowledge of the subject at hand but, has augmented my interest and desire to study this topic in greater detail. Particularly, I have enjoyed my study of international business whereby I developed an understanding of how businesses monitor organizational performance. PEST analysis, introduced in the late 60s by Francis J. Aguilar, enables an organization to monitor is political, economic, social, and technological factors, therefore aiding a business to identify what is affecting its performance externally. Besides furthering my knowledge of Business Economics, I believe that undergoing a foundation year has been highly beneficial. From learning how to Harvard reference a variety of academic sources, to learning how to submit assignments, conducting a dissertation on the effects of China's global manufacturing dominance, to creating group presentations. I believe that I have not only grown as a student but as an individual.

I consider myself to be determined, well-organized, and a dedicated worker. By successfully completing a foundation year at the University of Greenwich, this has enabled my decision to pursue business economics at an advanced level. My desire to continue my pursuit of studying Business Economics has been reflected through attending open days at Kingston University, and the University of Westminster. Though having previously encountered university life, I believe that undergoing a foundation year has not only expanded my knowledge within the subject area but, has allowed me to become more independent, develop my ability to work under pressure and obtain skills required to encounter my first official year at university.

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