PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Economics and Politics Personal Statement

Submitted by Louise

Economics and Politics Personal Statement

Submitted by Louise

Politics is all about opinion and ideas. From the most powerful man in the world to us, the public, our opinions shape politics today. Opinions have led to the UK starting the process of leaving the EU. This very current topic attracted many young people, although they were unable to vote, such as myself. It didn’t stop us expressing our thoughts on the subject. Being half French, my family has very strong opinions on this topic. However, I am fascinated by other views on Brexit. To fulfil my curiosity on this matter, I attended a talk by the authors of the book ‘How to lose a referendum’ at Latymer Upper school. The talk gave me an insight into the minds of other voters. This is what interests me most, not my own theory, but those of others with alternative views. Coming from a very mixed background ranging from a German communist, a Liverpudlian philanthropist to conservative French Basque farmers, I have grown up hearing many controversial views on political matters. This fuelled my interest in politics, finding out the reasoning for these completely different outlooks. Studying American racial politics at A-level intrigued me further, as there are many diverse opinions within the topic that shock me but also fascinate me and make me ask “Why”?

Having read “Revolution” by Russel Brand opened my eyes to new political theories and ideas, not ones I necessarily agree with. His strong views on democracy and the UK political system fascinate me. Moreover, his opinions resonate with younger voters, striking a chord with their disenchantment of current politics. In truth, whilst his ideas for future action are not concurrent with mainstream political thought, he has got people engaged in politics and actively discussing the current political climate.

Being selected to take part in the Model United Nations not only improved my public speaking but also my research skills as I had to create a resolution on the question of tax avoidance by multinational corporations, which I then put forward for discussion. It introduced me to large debates in which ideas and judgments were shared and I was able to contest. Furthermore, participating in the Mock Trial competition enabled me to develop my skills of critical analysis, especially as the demand of the competition was to analyse and evaluate the evidence presented to me.

Academically, studying Economics A-level has helped me to develop a wide range of skills that in turn has helped me through my politics course, as both subjects are very closely related. Also studying French A-level has given me an insight to a new political system which has furthered my understanding and appreciation of globalisation and global community.

In and outside school, I take part in a variety of different activities. For my level 1 and 2 Sports Leader Award I had to organise and carry out sporting events for younger children, attaining organisation and leadership skills. I was the Captain of my local Water Polo team, where I had to keep up the team’s spirits, bolstering my communication and team working skills. I was selected to play for the Eastern region of England in the girls U17’s Water Polo team and hope to continue this at University, as it is a sport I very much enjoy.

I play the violin and take part in my school’s string group, hoping to pass my grade 7 exam soon. I am a trained Lifeguard, a job which demands commitment, responsibility and reliability.

Studying politics at University will open me up to a world of new ideas and diverse theories that I am looking forward to study. I’m not only looking forward to throwing myself into the course, but also into University life.

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