PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE International Events Management Personal Statement

Submitted by Darcey

International Events Management Personal Statement

Submitted by Darcey

The complexities of the business industry and how the business world operates around our everyday lives are of great interest to me. One of the key reasons why I am drawn to a business career is the fact that a successful business is forever changing and constantly developing and adapting. I want to be involved in business management where innovation and strategy lead to success and believe that a Business Management course is the way to achieve my goal. Having the chance to study Business at both GCSE and A-Level has allowed me to perceive and understand aspects of the way the business world operates.

Whilst studying Business, I involved myself in events such as The Real Business Challenge run by Coca-Cola and IFS Student Investor Challenge. These competitions have allowed me to gain skills and knowledge which I have been able to apply to real-life situations. Whilst completing my work experience during secondary school, I spent two weeks with the scientific research and development company, Promega. During this period, I spent the vast majority of my time in the marketing department whilst also being shown an overview of all the departments in the organisation. Completing a variety of tasks including researching potential competitors, creating promotional material and communicating with clients allowed me to grasp a firm understanding of how marketing operates.

My work experience at Promega helped in developing valuable skills including team-working, communication and creativity. I felt extremely fortunate to get this insight into a Business' workings and it proved to be a very useful experience. In addition to my exposure to marketing at Promega, I recently had a great opportunity to gain an understanding of events management. This came about on a recent trip to Belgium when I was working for a catering team at Spa Francorchamps Grand Prix. This opportunity proved to be an eye-opening experience where I was constantly working in a fast-paced and pressurised environment. Although it was incredibly hard work, my determined nature and our teams' commitment to the job allowed us to break-even two days into the week. This was a fantastic achievement for the company and something they were delighted about, and of which I am immensely proud.

The Belgian Grand Prix experience helped me to further expand my knowledge of the Business world and I am now contracted to join the catering company A.C.E in a variety of events including Grand Prix's, festivals and one-off events. I am a resilient, hard-working young woman who is constantly striving to and excel at everything I do. I consider myself to be a very ambitious person which is demonstrated by the number of opportunities I have taken on and the many successes which have come from these. I believe that holding down a job since the age of 13 shows that I am self-motivated with a strong drive for success. I believe I will be well suited to university life as I have proven myself to be a very capable student whilst displaying the ability to work to deadlines and under extreme pressure.

As a regional netball player and swimmer, I wish to involve myself in many sports clubs and also wish to complete some voluntary work. I also have a passion for travelling which anchors my ideal career, to work internationally in the business and experience cultures and countries which are currently beyond my knowledge.

In 2018, I am taking part in an 'Inter-railing' journey across Europe where a friend and I are visiting 12 European countries in 1 month. This experience is certain to enhance my want to study Business on an international and global scale. I appreciate that Business Management is an extremely demanding course, however, I have an appetite for success and nothing will stand in my way of achieving what I want to be.

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