PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Public Relations Personal Statement

Submitted by Coleen

Public Relations Personal Statement

Submitted by Coleen

Aiming to study for a degree in public relations has been the most important decision I have had to make in my educational career so far. The prospect of studying for a degree that provides me with the recurring opportunity of representing organizations and connecting them with present and potential clients only furthers my ambition to pursue a position within this field.

I have perceived from my thorough research that there are many required characteristics to obtain a career within public relations, the principles being; superior verbal and written communication skills and an ability to multitask allowing time effectiveness. I have demonstrated these characteristics through many diverse environments. In 2015 I completed a work experience placement as a journalist assistant for the Arbroath Herald in Scotland. On this placement, there was a huge emphasis on sound verbal communication skills as I had to interview and engage with members of the public to gather news content.I furthered these skills by independently writing various lead articles for the newspaper and independently seeking the news content and working with the editorial team to create the best possible product. Due to the location perseverance was a key factor in securing this unusual placement. I had to write many emails followed by two telephone interviews with the editor. Furthermore, I have demonstrated my adaptability to different environments through my part-time job as a Counter Assistant at Sainsbury's. Running the deli counter independently required me to prioritise certain qualities to keep up with the demanding environment so that I could reach strict deadlines and sales targets.

This is a time of immense environmental complexity and change, and consequently, PR corporations have been forced to significantly alter their strategies to compete and survive. Fortunately, my study of Media paired with English Language gives me an in-depth insight into how old media is less effective on consumers due to the ever-changing social media revolution. Sociology has also widened my mind on how the public consumes and obtain goods that are presented to them via the new media.

Whatever I do in life I always strive to make an impact. I am a firm advocate of men's mental health, striving for more male refuge projects to be placed within Devon and Cornwall and for more support to be offered to men that are suicidal and being domestically abused. I volunteered at the Salvation Army where I spoke to the service users about their experiences and offered my sympathy. I have also volunteered at Shekinah Mission which offers support for both men and women through their charity shops and refuge programmes.

I am an outgoing individual who loves meeting new people, therefore, I completed the NCS programme in Portland, where I made many new friends from all over Devon. I also pushed myself out of my comfort zone and tried lots of challenging activities such as abseiling, paddle boarding and mountain biking. Pushing myself to do these challenges have encouraged me to look at life with an open mind and to cast out my net and accept future opportunities.

Being the first to apply to university in my family, I look forward to the challenges that university has to offer. I am ambitious and highly motivated to succeed. My motive runs parallel with a quote from PR guru Benjamin Franklin who said “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about”.

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