PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Media Studies Personal Statement

Submitted by Gaby

Media Studies Personal Statement

Submitted by Gaby

I have chosen this course as a pathway to my future career in Media; the next step on my platform. With this ever-changing world of technology, us young adults need to be ahead of the game, we need to constantly be updated with new equipment, with the news around us and with this know how to help make a difference to the world.

I’ve always been interested in technology, how it has developed throughout even my time and how it has evolved over the years. My current college courses at Henley College have given me the opportunity to explore my future career options, I am studying Use of Maths, Biology and Media; three very vast courses, but all with the chance to explore, create and develop my knowledge. Media has been the subject that has opened my eyes to a new way of exploring, not only through media, but by looking into the background of it and how it is used in our everyday life. I have always been interested in how other people view things and how they like to work.

I currently work part-time as a dispenser at a pharmacy, even though this job is not related to the course I want to study at university, I believe that it has taught me many valuable skills that I use within my everyday life. These skills include working in a set time scale, communication and teamwork. As I have developed these skills my confidence has also grown which has helped me flourish as an individual. In my opinion, these skills will help me immensely within my chosen course as if I cannot work within a team and use communication skills then I will never progress in my chosen field of work and within the course. Confidence is also incredibly important in media as if you do not have confidence you will not be able to put forward your ideas and make contributions to the course.

I am a firm believer that media controls most things in the modern-day world. If one day all media disappeared from our lives how would we survive? From celebrity culture to politics: media has a front place in influencing consumers opinions and does so very effectively. This is what intrigues me the most about media, the theory side has always captivated my attention as I constantly want to learn more about how we as a society have let ‘media’ imprison us.

Another passion of mine is music, I have played the drums for six years, during this time I have obtained my grade 1 drumming qualification, for me this was a great achievement as I worked extremely hard to gain the qualification, this shows I have a high level of commitment and love to be creative, which are another two skills that come in very useful within a university media course and daily life. Every day I strive to be the best person I can possibly be as I work to the highest standard I possibly can to achieve my goals.

I hope my true personality, enthusiasm for the course and my potential has been portrayed by my personal statement as I truly believe I will be an asset to your course and I hope you believe so too.

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