PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Multimedia and Arts Technology Personal Statement

Multimedia and Arts Technology Personal Statement

I believe that computers can now be considered the centre of all knowledge – with so much information readily available by simply conducting a single search on a web browser. I have been interested in the vast world of technology ever since my earliest memory of experiencing video games and being fascinated that the combination of a screen, a gaming platform and a controller could allow you to experience an entirely different, virtual environment. I am intrigued by contemporary technology and the way it is influencing new generations.

Studying ICT has allowed me to advance my knowledge of computers from research of computer systems and how components work together. It has also led to me learning the basics of web architecture when creating a website. I improved my own website using my programming skills of HTML and CSS via the platform of Bootstrap that I learnt from the online resources of CodeAcademy, this produced a better functioning website as opposed to the template of Adobe Dreamweaver that was suggested. By challenging myself to improve my ability, I have enhanced my learning experience and reinforced my passion for technology. From studying A-Level Mathematics, I have developed the logical thinking I require when solving complex problems and deciphering the processes required to find a solution. This skill can be applied to the creation of interactive applications as I am aware of the strong connection between maths and computing; I observed that possessing a knowledge of mathematical methods helps to explain programming languages such as the use of booleans in Python. This combines with my understanding of the effects of inventions in societies that I have perceived from my studies in English Literature which helps me to interpret how my creations will impact an audience.

I was able to gain some industry experience by investing a week at the children’s technology development company Dubit Limited where I undertook roles in creative, research and quality assurance departments. Working within these departments allowed me to explore different occupations, such as Graphic Design and QA Testing, that in the future I may want to pursue. During my time with the company, I benefitted from the opportunity to build on my key communication and organisational skills, whilst I was also able to gain an understanding of Adobe Flash and therefore develop my artistic capabilities by experimenting with the software. I also learnt the importance of issue tracking and management software such as Jira which allows each department to know what to improve when co-operating on a project and gave me an experience of the debugging process when creating an interactive application. Through combining these varied skills, it reinforced my desire to work both creatively and technically within a future role.

I have also had the opportunity to better my communication skills by assisting children in several subjects – ICT, mathematics and art. I volunteered to introduce the video game ‘Minecraft’ to some younger students, aged 12-14, to develop their understanding of how a game can lead to limitless creativity. It lead to the students creating simple houses to more intricate designs such as towers which presented to them the idea of having no limitations on their imagination. I recently aided primary school children in producing paintings of rivers for the Wharfe Valley Learning Partnership; I discussed various styles, provided background information on artistic movements and guided the children through the creative process. I currently support lower ability students, aged 12-13, with maths by working with them to complete tasks in problem topics to ensure that they are able to progress to improving their grades.

Outside of studies I enjoy reading, music, art, baking and playing video games; each of these interests incorporate technology. The digital portability of ebooks and mp3s allows me to enjoy reading and listening to music regardless of location, creative software enables me to produce art and the internet provides platforms in which I can easily find recipes in the various forms. My preferred platform for video games is a PC due to ease of access and preferred controls. To further my knowledge of programming, I read ‘Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software’ by Charles Petzold which taught me to fundamentals of computer science through the use of common objects. I also recently participated in a competition to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day that asked for my opinion on what would interest her in the 21st century; this improved my research skills as I researched her interests and chose to look at computer-generated music and art based on both my own and Ada’s love for the arts.

I believe that studying a creative technology course will allow me to develop the knowledge of interactivity in an advancing digital society which will increase my potential of progressing to a future career as a web designer or developer.

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