PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Media Studies with Film Studies Personal Statement

Media Studies with Film Studies Personal Statement

Media possesses an exact and fundamental integrity within the habitual lives of every single one of us. Ever since I began studying media I have developed a tenacious passion for the subject to the extent that it only feels natural to attempt to further indulge this passion at a higher level of detail. Throughout my media studies course I have established a comprehensive set of skills when working with media. Part of our course was heavily involved with the production of our own texts and from this I have become adept at Photoshop and other editing software as well as understanding the conventions possessed by different genres. Furthermore, I can confidently and systematically analyse media texts whilst offering a unique and refreshing insight.

By enrolling in this course I hope to gain a deep and fulfilling insight into the various institutes of media which would hopefully aid me when it comes to seeking a career within the industry. At the same time I will offer you all of the qualities that I possess. Hard working, organised and ready for commitment are all aspects of myself as a student which can be highlighted through the fact that I was appointed deputy head boy of Oakwood Park Grammar School in March 2014. My status as deputy head boy was truly humbling as throughout my time in the role we as a prefect team strived to raise money for Cancer Research UK and were extremely successful in doing so. The fundraising events that we carried out varied in terms of scale. The schemes ranged from non-school uniform days to a Stars in Their Eyes show which involved 20 acts comprised of OPGS students who performed to the school in the day and then parents in the evening. The main qualities I derived from these fundraisers were leadership and organisation as I had a huge part to play with regards to the development of the events.

I am no stranger to responsibility as both my part time job of over 2 years and volunteering work involved working with children across an age range from between 1 and 12 years old. From working with people this young I have established useful and effective communication skills as well as dealing with members of the public throughout my job at the soft play area Adventure Kidz. Part of my job included serving people on tills and dealing with complaints from the parents of children which one again illustrates my ability to behave cohesively with the public as well as still operate under certain pressures. I have spent the past year out of conventional education in an attempt to explore the media industry as well as working at Adventure Kidz to gain some financial stability before I enrol at university.

My volunteering work involved me working as an assistant coach at Barming Buds Soccer Academy for the under 6 squad. The attributes that I gained from this work experience is that I once again have the skill of communicating with young children as well as their parents. I have proved that I can teach other people in a way that makes them develop themselves which demonstrates a sense of leadership and authority amongst a group of people. In addition to this I found myself becoming more involved in football which is now an incredibly fond hobby of mine that I love to incorporate in my life.

I also have experience in a number of other environments; I spent 3 days working at the Waitrose RDC in Aylseford and I have also shadowed a conductor manager of Southeastern Railways. Both of these experiences involved physical labour combined with a firm awareness of health and safety as well as risk assessment in potentially hazardous environments. The above examples are proof that I am efficient under a number of scenarios and do not disappoint when it comes to possessing the necessary work ethic that is required to succeed.