PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Biomedical Science Personal Statement

Submitted by Tiffany

Biomedical Science Personal Statement

Submitted by Tiffany

I am a naturally inquisitive person who enjoys learning about the body; one particular interest is how biology fits into many elements of other scientific fields such as medicine and chemistry. While studying GCSE Science, my passion for Biomedical science grew through engaging in practical sessions such as dissections and biochemical tests. This passion has grown through college and I wish to carry on my studies to find answers to the questions that my A-levels have not answered.

A-Level Biology has given me a hands-on approach to practical sessions, including assessing the effectiveness of antibiotics on microbial growth using aseptic techniques. This further expanded my skills of controlling the spread of microbes. However, there was errors in the experiment and to reverse this I applied a nutrient broth instead of bacteria so inhibition zones could be seen. This process improved my laboratory skills as I had to follow a strict methodological approach and apply theory to practice in order to disprove the null hypothesis. Furthermore, I have completed many dissections, including the heart; this was especially fascinating as I could physically see the anatomy of the heart, not just from diagrams in a textbook. This gave me an amazing insight, and I loved being able to apply the heart’s physiology to its anatomy; for example, I got to see the left side of the heart is thicker as it has to pump blood all around the body and not just to the lungs.

For work experience I was offered the chance to shadow clinicians in a radiology department. I experienced Computerised Tomography (CT) scans being given to oncology patients in order to see if their chemotherapy was successful. I found it fascinating that due to medical advancements, it is possible for CT scans to look at soft tissues, bones and blood vessels which can also tell us which stage the cancer is at. In addition, I took the opportunity to get a qualification in first aid. Gaining this exposure to a clinical environment confirmed to me that I would like to pursue a career in medicine and work closely with patients and other healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat patients.

As part of the Sutton Trust Summer School, I travelled to St Andrews, and spent a week at the University studying Biology and Medicine. I engaged in lectures, practicals and seminars and role play whereby I took on the role of doctor and diagnosed patients based on clinical case studies and urine samples. For example, I diagnosed a test patient suffering from a urinary tract infection as the urinalysis was positive for nitrites and leukocytes. We also had numerous lectures on anatomy which I loved and hope to continue learning about at university. This experience gave me an insight into studying at university level as well as enabling me to apply theory learnt during lectures to the practical sessions.

Alongside Biology, I am currently studying History and Chemistry. These subjects have provided me with skills that I will need throughout my university life. In particular, Chemistry has given me a strong set of laboratory skills and a vast knowledge of statistical tests needed to analyse if my results are significant and also the ability to solve problems. Moreover, History has instilled confidence in my ability to write an academic piece of writing and improved my analytical skills.

In my spare time I like to keep up to date with the latest advancements in biology by reading articles on the BBC news and The Scientist Magazine. A recent breakthrough has identified a potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease through gene therapy. This has inspired me to carry out my own research to develop drugs to target genes, to reverse the effects of diseases.

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