PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Biomedical Science Personal Statement

Submitted by Faith

Biomedical Science Personal Statement

Submitted by Faith

My interest in the mechanisms of the human body stems from my discovery that I have a sickl trait. I wanted to understand what it means to have this abnormal allele and how being a carrier of this blood disorder would affect the decisions I would make in my later life. In my Biology A-level syllabus I have enjoyed learning about the remarkable quaternary structure of the protein haemoglobin and its role in the circulatory system in carrying oxygen around the body. However, I still left the classroom wanting to emerge from the confinements of my A-level syllabus so I turned to my own independent research.

Through the use of online lectures and talking to my subject teachers, I accumulated more information about being a sickle cell carrier, building on my knowledge of haemoglobin. Executing this research made me intrigued into just how susceptible humans are to diseases making me want to delve into this subject in greater detail, hence my decision to apply for Biomedical Sciences.

During July 2017 I was successful in gaining a place at the Bitesize Uni Summer School at Newcastle University. I got an insight into what the life of a university student is like and what Biomedical Sciences entails. This programme enabled me to gain a better understanding with regards to the practical skills that a student studying this course would carry out which are essential to successful scientific research. One of my greatest achievements on this programme was preparing the most accurate stock solution of a precise volume and concentration of sodium chloride using the range of pipettes provided. I also had the opportunity to examine different types of human tissue. I then applied this knowledge that I had assimilated to identify them using a microscope. Taking part in this summer school allowed me to showcase my practical skills and expand my knowledge by using some of the equipment which will be invaluable in Biomedical Sciences.

The way in which our bodies set up defence mechanisms against diseases is a paramount segment of science which I desire to explore in greater depth. Having the opportunity to observe what it is like to be in the fast paced environment of a hospital has made me aspire to contribute to healthcare as I observed the significance of scientific research in treating diseases. My A-level subjects have equipped me to follow a degree in Biomedical Sciences and developed my time management skills by being able to balance them. Biology and Chemistry have particularly strengthened my data collection and interpretation skills through the practical work that I have carried out such as the visit to Epping Forest. This involved collecting a sample of organisms and identifying the abundance of the organisms present which was a very enlightening experience.

Aside from my studies, I take pleasure in learning songs on the piano via YouTube videos. I enjoy sports such as athletics and basketball and I have represented my school in numerous competitions. I have always been active in my school community and had many responsibilities such as being a mentor to younger students, Deputy Head Girl and a librarian. Outside school I have volunteered with a charity known as KEEN which provides fun activities for children with mental and physical disabilities.

I also work with Explore Learning tutoring up to six children in Maths, English and for 11+ entrance exams. Making time for other activities has made me able to show my willingness to learn and embrace new challenges. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the responsibilities that I have taken up and feel the experiences I have gained will help me to succeed in such a demanding course.

The skills and experiences that I have acquired have shaped me into a well-rounded individual determined to strive for excellence. We are in a period of time where our comprehension of science is rapidly developing which makes me look forward to studying such a stimulating and intriguing subject.

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