PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Environmental Science Personal Statement

Submitted by Anna

Environmental Science Personal Statement

Submitted by Anna

As I stood at the peak of Mount Snowdon on the last day of my Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition, I was overwhelmed by my surroundings and realised that this natural beauty is our responsibility to protect. To me, studying environmental science is not just about exploring the complexities of the environment, but an opportunity to make a life-time of difference. Having grown up with the implications of environmental problems being at the forefront of the media, the idea of solving these issues sparked my initial idea to study this degree.

Geography A-level has enabled me to critically analyse data through working on my independent investigation, whilst Biology has advanced my practical skills from numerous experiments. My EPQ dissertation on the threat of microplastics allowed me to develop essential skills such as organisation, referencing and meeting deadlines. I also gained an independent and scientific understanding of the influence that plastic pollution creates on the marine environment. I intend to apply this knowledge in understanding similar environmental issues and explore further the interaction between humans and the natural world.

I broadened my knowledge of Earth science topics through attending the "Access to Bristol" scheme at the University of Bristol. This increased my enthusiasm for investigating complex earth systems. As a member of the Geographical Association, I have attended several lectures on numerous topics including water management which has allowed me to experience studying at an undergraduate level. I have also independently completed an online weather course with FutureLearn where I learnt of the physical processes which give rise to weather, such as convection and the Coriolis force. As well as developing my wider research through reading texts such as "A very short introduction to weather" by Storm Dunlop and "Environmental science" by Botkin and Keller, I have also independently attended an open day at the Met Office in Exeter where I learnt the importance of meteorology and climate science and was amazed at the quantity and variety of data collected daily.

Furthermore, I gained specific knowledge in modules such as ocean acidification, ocean circulation and marine ecology during a 5 day residential Marine Science camp in Pembrokeshire this August. Here I gained an appreciation for the diversity and fragility of coastal ecosystems as well as enjoying the experience of working in groups with people sharing similar interests. During recent work experience at "Noah's Ark Zoo Farm", I gained a very different insight into the role zoos can play in environmental conservation and education. This has stimulated a real interest in animal behaviour and biodiversity and provided a week full of opportunities to get hands on with the animals and develop my team working skills.

Alongside my academic studies, music has always been a significant part of my life. I've played the flute since aged 8 and reached grade 7 earlier this year. One of my proudest musical achievements was setting up my own ukulele group at school. Running this club enables me to gain leadership skills and shows my independence in organising this group successfully to perform in the school's concerts. I intend to pursue my musical talents by joining the university's orchestra and different choirs available.

Through volunteering with a girl guiding unit over the past 3 years I have achieved my young leadership and adult leadership qualifications. As a young leader, I must be consistently reliable in organising and monitoring activities as well as attending regular meetings. I have also embraced other leadership roles at school as a House Captain, Charity Rep and Senior Student.

I am a very enthusiastic and motivated individual that refuses to accept the current destructive state of our planet. Studying this degree will be the first step in enabling me to make a difference and protect our stunning landscapes before it's too late.

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