PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Biomedical Engineering Personal Statement

Submitted by Esther

Biomedical Engineering Personal Statement

Submitted by Esther

From a wooden toe in 950BC, to modern day bionic hands, the advances made in Biomedical Engineering have been awe-inspiring. Their applications, such as in giving someone the opportunity to walk again and diagnosing medical conditions, through the use of prosthetics and machineries such as CT scanners are reasons why I wish to study this discipline at degree level.

I believe my interest in the thought of discovering solutions to impairments preventing the human body from working to its full potential stems from being diagnosed with childhood cataracts. This resulted in the lens in my right eye being replaced with an artificial one. At the time, I was unaware of the major role Biomedical Engineering played in the restoration of my eyesight but as I have grown older, I have come to realise its significance and want to help others benefit from this rapidly evolving industry that had such a positive impact on my life. During my work experience at Ultra Electronics, I worked with software such as SolidWorks. I was able to create and model prototypes that could then be adapted to be used as medical equipment to help diagnose and treat patients. I also learnt about how crucial accuracy and attention to detail is in problem solving within engineering.

By attending a 'Biology in Action' programme, my interest in Biology increased as I was introduced to different aspects and applications of the subject. For example, there was a presentation on how specific traits could be passed on to offspring through their mothers and this was done as an experiment using mice. I developed my interest in Biomedical Engineering by watching a TEDTalk by Hugh Herr titled 'New bionics let us run, climb and dance'. I realised that the use of bionics could not just give back the ability to perform fundamental functions, such as walking but it also allows for the use of going beyond the basics, for example, relearning a particular passion such as dancing or ice skating or even ice hockey.

Mathematics is more than just a subject I enjoy; I could not fathom doing a degree where Mathematics was not a significant component. Studying Mathematics A-Level has allowed me to gain many transferrable skills including numerical and problem-solving skills which require application of knowledge that is similar to the challenges an engineer may face. Biology has given me a greater understanding of the human body and how easily processes such as mitosis and meiosis could go wrong, affecting quality of life. This allowed me to understand and appreciate the complexity of the human body. Performing experiments in both Biology and Chemistry allowed me to demonstrate my ability to work well within a team and improve my attention to detail. I look forward to applying and furthering the knowledge gained during my A-level to my degree.

Additionally, I have developed excellent team working and leadership skills by participating in the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh scheme which allowed me to improve my communication skills. Completing work experience in Osbon Pharmacy enabled me to interact with people from different backgrounds and personalities allowing me to adapt my behaviour to meet the individual needs of the customers. Contributing my free time in school to offer in-class support for Year 7 Mathematics students and being a 'Listening Ear' to Year 7 students not only allowed me to share the knowledge I have gained over my years of education but it gave me the opportunity to actively interact with them and further improve my people skills.

The fascination I have regarding the operations of the human body and my understanding of the application of engineering techniques to it, coupled with my passion for this course and overall ability to persevere, are what I believe enables me to pursue a degree in Biomedical Engineering.

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