Submitted by Ami

BA Business Management

Submitted by Ami

I have always been interested in the different ways businesses are managed and the reasoning behind why some succeed and others are forced to close within the first year, even if their product or service is seemingly a good idea. My interests within Business have grown with my knowledge of the subject and I have a particular fervor for the Marketing modules in a Management course: I especially enjoy analysis of consumer behaviour.

It is both creative and technical aspects that appeal to me. Studying Business has fine-tuned my judgement skills when writing proposals on which solutions would be better for businesses, and to craft words into advertising slogans; aspects I particularly enjoy, especially as an English student. Analysing real case studies has provided an opportunity to interpret data and examine how likely it is the company will be able to succeed, therefore giving me an understanding of what it takes to manage a business.

Analysing data and statistics is also a major part of Psychology, not only allowing the use of the transferable skills between the two subjects, but also the opportunity to consolidate and perfect the skills in utilising them frequently. Links between the Psychology of the subliminal and subconscious, which can be manipulated very easily, and strategies used by corporations in their managerial schemes and advertising, fascinate me. I am particularly interested in understanding the way the brain reacts to manipulation, enabling me to discern how managers can effectively motivate their teams, which is vital in a predominantly competitive market. Indeed, my enthusiasm for Psychology and Business has led to research into personality types and in particular the way introverts can thrive in a business.

Studying English Language has highlighted how linguistic determinism can also manipulate a person's decisions. Through my coursework I have seen how linguistic features can be used in order to persuade someone to do something, even if subconsciously they think they are making an autonomous decision, I find this particularly interesting, especially when studying marketing. Also, Creative Writing enables me to deploy my words carefully, which is vital when composing advertisements.

I acted as MD within the Young Enterprise team and was delighted when the team were awarded best company at the regional heats and best stall in the regional finals. The most important lesson I learned from the whole process, was how hard managing a team of people can be, but also how rewarding it is when you are successful.

A part-time job at Boots has given me confidence as well as an understanding of the importance of good communication skills and punctuality. I am able to grasp the needs of customers and advise them accordingly; acting as a good listener is something I pride myself on. I have also been a member of a dance team for ten years, through which I have taken the opportunity to teach and help the younger dancers. This has developed leadership skills and proven my reliability.

Business Studies has a unique appeal for me. I would relish the opportunity of developing my skills through a Management undergraduate programme and satisfying my curiosity about this fascinating subject. My appreciation of the subject would make me an ideal candidate, since I would be truly committed and enthusiastic about every aspect of my learning and student life.

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