PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Business Management (Marketing)

Submitted by Kate

Business Management (Marketing)

Submitted by Kate

The power and influence of marketing on the business and consumer industry is remarkable, as is the ability of advertising companies to take one small, fledgling idea and to help it grow into a globally recognised brand. My fascination with the process of marketing and advertising has driven me to pursue a degree and subsequent career in marketing.

I believe that surrounding yourself with positive people and experiences is essential not only in life, but also in business, and I have therefore associated myself with individuals who have demonstrated success and longevity within the industry. Working at a local retail outlet has taught me that sales are not only about products, they are also about how the product is presented visually in order to appeal to the consumers’ preferences. However, from aesthetics to promotion, it’s also vital to captivate the audience’s mind. A successful business requires planning, control and a focus on improvement; without these elements, a success is not guaranteed.

At school, I have taken the responsibility to lead ‘The Garden Project’, a plan to design and create an environmentally sustainable and visually appealing outdoor working space for sixth form students. As the labour and creative manager, I have managed the overall project from conducting surveys to financial accounting and budgeting. Throughout this project I have learnt a great deal about working in close proximity and under time sensitive conditions with a large team of people. The ability to communicate consistently and with clarity is essential within the workplace, as is the ability to delegate to others when necessary.

It is compulsory for businesses to perform market research in order to identify new trends in the market, to understand consumer demands and to develop a competitive advantage. Studying English Literature has given me the ability to research, scrutinise and evaluate evidence and its importance. I have used these skills regularly during my written coursework to critically analyse language and structural choices of Duffy’s The World’s Wife poems. The broader, more sophisticated vocabulary of novels and the depth of poetry such as “Whiskey, words and shovel” has encouraged me to understand the effects of language on a reader or an audience. Our minds not only hold that image but also explore beyond the surface level and discover its hidden, intended meanings.

Studying A-level Business has further fuelled my interest in marketing. The world we live in is dominated by businesses, money and people, and I therefore began to question the motivation, psychological processes and social developments behind businesses and their leaders. I have explored potential motivations such as money while also considering the impact of increased advertising and popular trends on consumer choices and actions.

A-level Citizenship has encouraged me to follow developments in the media, both nationally and globally, thereby gaining a sound understanding of the impact of political decisions on global financial markets and the world of business. Developments following the Brexit referendum have been of particular interest, especially when considering the relationship between businesses in the UK and the EU, and the way in which consumers may respond to these developments. Taking an integral role in the organisation of the school's Question Time event also required me to conduct research into potential panellists, monitor contemporary news stories and acquire a feel for the key issues of importance to students in the school.

For my Extended Project Qualification, I have chosen to research the way in which advertising campaigns influence women's perceptions of themselves, thereby affecting their own appearance and self-esteem. I look forward to building on this research to enable me to gain a deeper understanding of the power and influence of marketing both throughout my A-level studies and in my university degree.

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