PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Business Management and Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish)

Submitted by Jade

Business Management and Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish)

Submitted by Jade

For seven years, I have thoroughly enjoyed studying Spanish and I wish to develop this language further and improve in order to become fluent. I would like to continue this subject together with business, which is a subject I relish because of its breadth, diversity and importance in our society.

Improving my language skills together with Business will allow me to create a career which will enable a vast range of opportunities in the future, whether that it is here in the UK or abroad. Furthermore, the idea of studying business as part of a joint degree has stemmed from the enthusiasm I have from working for a big business corporation. Having an additional language such as Spanish is a real asset for working in a commercial field because many major firms are multinational.

I enjoy studying the current subjects because they provide realistic future career paths. Spanish is a language that is widely spoken and is in the top two most spoken languages worldwide. Recently I have begun starting to learn about the history and culture of Spain and Latin America, in particular Franco's Dictatorship and the Spanish Civil War. Through the context of studying the film 'Pan's Labyrinth' and the book 'Requiem for a Spanish Peasant' I have learnt about the long lasting effects on Spain, even to the present day with the developing situation in Catalonia. Learning Spanish grammar has always fascinated me because there are so many different tenses, which I do not think twice about in English. Undertaking an educational trip to Madrid in October 2017 has motivated me further. I enrolled onto a language course to extend my understanding and improve my Spanish skills. This was an independent programme apart from my peers and teachers. It has made me feel more confident that I can continue a dream of being bilingual and working with native people. It allowed me to fully immerse myself in the culture and language to develop my knowledge and understanding.

Business is a subject, which I have recently become interested in ever since I have started my part-time job and taken it as one of my A-level subjects. I particularly enjoy this because of how much the world has changed in the last decade and the effects this has had on companies. The economy is unstable because of events such as the recession and the uncertainty of Brexit makes consumers wary and affects how they spend their income. Within my course I am learning about Globalisation, which has helped me appreciate how a business operates internationally. I enjoy a leadership role and have taken on many challenges and responsibilities to further my desire to pursue a career in Management. At work, I have shown leadership through taking responsibility of new employees and giving them training in my experienced field. I would like to go into commercial management because I like working in retail and seeing how a successful enterprise competes to be the best. My aspiration is to one day manage or work at a high level in a global organisation.

During the school day for an hour a week, I assist and support pupils in the younger years with their Spanish work. This allows me to share my keenness for the subject with others so that they can improve and achieve the best grade possible. Also, I have received the backing of my peers and form tutors to be the form representative for the past four years. This role enables me to take issues from my peers and discuss them in our school parliament that consists of Senior Teachers and Form Reps. Through the school parliament, the Head teacher and Senior Leadership team are able to address the opinions and concerns of the school community.

I think that University will be the appropriate direction for my pathway into a career in Business Management and Spanish. I feel that my academic record, my resourcefulness and my positive attitude indicate my readiness to seize the opportunities this course will offer me.

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