PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Business, Management and Marketing

Submitted by Frances

Business, Management and Marketing

Submitted by Frances

Business a pivotal part of society. Everyone is influenced by business’ in their daily lives, but most people are oblivious the vast amount of work that goes on behind them. I would like to learn about every aspect that goes into the creation of business. I want to know why a certain brand name makes consumers buy the same product for five times the price. My long term goal from this degree is to pursue a career in Brand Management or Public relations. The most compelling part of management for me, is the prospect of challenging myself and overcoming obstacles that will face a business. Throughout my life I have strived to challenge myself and go above and beyond what is expected on me. I feel this is crucial for success in this field.

Currently, I have put upon myself the challenge of A-level maths. Despite being told I was naturally more gifted at English, I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and chose to take maths instead. This was the right decision as it has given me a capacity for logical thought, and an ability to understand financial statistics and accounting. I have also very much enjoyed maths, finding it difficult makes my success’ more rewarding. As a manager I will feel the same way about overcoming problems. History A level has given me all-important skills of analysis and the ability to craft a balanced argument. In a business situation I will be able to translate these skills to get my points across clearly. My coursework has given me the capacity to research effectively, which I will be able to translate into market research. This year I plan to do the EPQ, I plan to write a 5000-word essay on a business-related question, ‘Why have supermarkets monopolised food shopping in the UK?’ By exploring this question, I hope to gain a deeper insight into marketing methods used by industry and how brands become recognisable and successful. My EPQ will require consumer research and analysis, which I can directly apply to the course.

I recently read ‘Play Bigger’, to gain a further insight into the course. The book explained business strategy in an informative and spirited way. Through case studies, it illustrated how business’ create and dominate a category. The authors left me wanting to learn more and have a chance to input some of their strategies as a Manager.

I am a member of my College’s debating society. I’ve had peers praise my ability to construct a well-reasoned argument, particularly after a debate discussing the impact of social media on modern society. The persuasive nature of debate will aid me in marketing. I have completed silver D of E, from which I developed my managerial skills. I found myself taking a leading role in planning the route. For 6 months, I volunteered at my local guides. The leaders set me the task of managing several activities for the group on my own. The girls respected my authority and all the activities were a success. I have been a waitress at a Cafe for 18 months. From observing different managers, I gained an insight into what makes a competent manager. Managers that encouraged teamwork, made the running of the business far more efficient. I manage my wages efficiently, so I can afford to pursue my hobbies of travelling and going to concerts. This paired with my mathematics A level will help me excel in the business economics and accounting modules of the course.

I am looking forward to the prospects of learning more about international business environments. My observations of business’ in Europe, seeing German LIDL’s extensive recycling scheme, has left me wanting to know more about the different methods used in business’ nationally. A placement year, although not essential, will be an invaluable experience. I intend to fully immerse myself into the opportunities and experience that a placement year offers. I am confident his degree will give me the tools to achieve and refine my career goals.

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