Submitted by Cameron

Business Management

Submitted by Cameron

Businesses sculpt and empower the society that we live in today. I want to involve myself in leading how the future will look. I have reflected on the skills I possess and enjoy using to help me select the right university course. I am an entrepreneurial individual who enjoys communicating and developing my social skills. I believe that a career in Business Management and Marketing holds a wealth of potential for me. I have always had an interest in how to develop sales and market products better. My involvement last year in a school-run young enterprise team, where I took the role of marketing director challenged and excited me, especially learning how to develop an online marketing campaign.

To further pursue my interest, I have delved into further reading into what it takes to make it in the business world.

'Reality Check' by the Silicon Valley venture specialist, Guy Kawaski really opened my eyes to the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and the hunger and desire needed to overcome obstacles, which I am confident that I hold.

I've recently managed to gain some valuable insight into business through a variety of work experience placements including Talk Sport, Mitsubishi and running my own gardening services business. One placement that notably stood out was working within the marketing and PR department at one of the world's largest air-conditioning manufacturers, Mitsubishi Electric. Within the marketing team, I was involved in managing their social media campaign, a relatively new venture for an industrial manufacturer. I also joined a sub-team organising a future client event at the Olympic Velodrome. Exploring how a company’s marketing team functions with hands-on experience was wholly beneficial to my learning and further increased my interest in how influential the mass growth of social media has been and will continue to be for businesses going forward. For the PR team, I was left in charge of writing my own press release on a recent project. My strong literary skills acquired from studying English A-level proved their worth as the article was published in the trade press. In addition to my unpaid work, I currently manage three income streams; a bar job, various babysitting roles and I run my own gardening business for 4 households.

The skills developed in my work experience are cross-referenced in my academic subjects. English Literature has allowed me to develop my critical thinking and given me the ability to think outside the box; a skill transferable into many business opportunities. Geography has allowed me to study key aspects of business such as globalisation where industry has a key responsibility to mould the future. My independent investigation researching 'The Microclimate of Leamington Spa' allowed me to utilise and advance my IT and data analysis skills as I converted my raw data into presentable results. My favourite subject is Mathematics as I enjoy developing problem-solving skills; something I hope I can transfer into my degree course. I also believe that the competencies acquired from completing my Grade 8 LAMDA Speaking Award give me a new skill that will always be valuable. Communication and assertiveness is key in a management role; speaking on topics including 'The Benefits of Sports Marketing' allowed me to develop my public speaking ability and as part of the research I also learnt more about how businesses use modern culture and sport to market their products.

Throughout my school life, I have embraced the opportunities offered to me in terms of extra-curricular activities. I have played sport, most notably rugby, at a competitive level for over 10 years, representing both my club and school team up to a national level. I’m keen to continue this sport at University as keeping fit and healthy is important to me. In addition to this, I have played the trombone in various school bands since I joined senior school.

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