PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Mharm (Pharmacy) Personal Statement

Mharm (Pharmacy) Personal Statement

Reading the uses, interactions and side-effects of a drug was what instigated my interest in pharmacy. Researching into this drug showed how drug action is unique for every person- thus highlighting the importance of a patient orientated approach in pharmacy. Not only is the complexity of the science behind pharmacy intriguing, but the fact that it is paramount in today’s society as it impacts every person’s life, compels me to further my understanding so I can help the community.

Learning about the cell cycle and how its malfunctioning could lead to cancer introduced me to the use of drugs as treatment, showing the significance of drugs in our lives. I enjoyed chiral chemistry as I discovered that the side-effects of Thalidomide were due to a pair of enantiomers- this illustrated the magnitude and intricacy chemistry in pharmacy. Psychology has displayed not only the positive impacts of drugs, but also the psychological effects, which illustrate the diversity of pharmacy and how it goes beyond science but delves into social issues too. My interest was continued by attending summer school which included a session on cloning. Learning about therapeutic cloning and how it could potentially treat neurodegenerative conditions displayed the immense potential in pharmaceutical development. My EPQ on Alzheimer’s disease and its treatments has grown my independent study skills as it requires planning and meeting deadlines. This will prove useful for the Pharmacy degree which will be demanding in these skills.

During work experience I observed the many roles of a pharmacist, including dispensing drugs and validating the use of multiple treatments. Distributing packages to patients for safe usage of needles enabled me to use communication skills required by pharmacists, this will be useful as Pharmacy will have group work, in which communication is essential. Also, I learnt that as a pharmacist you may meet difficult patients, however in these situations you should remain professional and continue to aid the patient in a respectable manner. By discarding patient information with specified waste, I realised the role of confidentiality in pharmacy, and the responsibility a pharmacist possesses. Everyday problem-solving challenges included being unsure about interactions between drugs and noticing a bodily malfunction which could impact drug action. In these cases the pharmacist used the BNF to find interactions and looked at any notes left by the doctor. From this I learnt that inter-professional working and tailoring specifically to each patient is crucial in order to deliver the best care. It has displayed the independence and attention skills needed to be able to identify problems and act upon them. I will apply these skills in the course during self-study and during practical activities.

Being a fully immersive person, I co-managing a meadow at college. This has strengthened my leadership skills, which is required especially when managing a pharmacy. Being a student representative, I regularly attend meetings and evaluate student experiences which has developed my organisational and time-management skills. These skills are necessary for university and I hope to provide the same input at university through joining societies. In my free time I do fashion illustrations, which require patience and precision. These traits are also needed by pharmacists as they analyse and ensure each prescription is safe for patients. I have volunteered for Age UK charity, which has emphasised that the UK’s ageing and vulnerable population is the reason of constant evolution in pharmacy. The limitless potential of pharmacy complements my perpetual curiosity, which reinforces my compatibility with the course. Providing a challenging future which will impact every person in the world – from helping people receive their medication to discovering the next disease curing drug- I wish to be a part of the cause which makes such positive change in the world.

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Gain a highly sought-after qualification by studying Pharmacology and benefit from the state-of-the-art STEM labs at Bedfordshire.

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