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Pharmacy Personal Statement

My fascination in Pharmacy began when shadowing a Pharmacist on a hospital ward. It highlighted to me the complex yet essential role that Pharmacists have in selecting the dose of medication and dispensing drugs to patients but also tailoring a compassionate approach to each individual. I am excited to extend my knowledge of medicine and the molecules it is based on to ensure drugs are prescribed safely and effectively to patients.

The A-Level courses at Esher College have been a challenging but enjoyable experience. All three of my A-levels have included fascinating topics and contextual experiments. At AS chemistry, I particularly appreciated organic chemistry, discovering the reactions between alcohols and analysing data to identify an unknown organic molecule. I undertook a project in Biology, which looked at the treatment of HIV and Tuberculosis. Through this I am becoming increasingly intrigued about the development of new medicine and its place in an ever-changing world. Additionally, I have enjoyed my research in to the testing of new drugs on animals and the ethical issues surrounding this for my extended project to produce a valid and balanced argument.  I regularly read `The pharmaceutical journal` to keep up to date on recent drug development and medical breakthroughs. An article I read discussed the recent fall in the rate of antibiotic being prescribed and the importance of this fact in order to reduce bacterial resistance. This demonstrates the importance of precise drug prescriptions and the major influence a pharmacist will have on healthcare. Precision is one of the most important components when prescribing drugs to patients and my Mathematics A-Level has better improved my  numeracy skills.

I completed a ‘Chemistry Adventures’ week long course at college where we visited the ‘Welcome Collection’ in London and viewed two exhibitions:’ Medicine Man’ and ‘Medicine Now’.  I found these exhibits to be an eye-opening experience as they presented a range of ideas about science and medicine both now and in the past. As I previously mentioned, I completed a week’s work experience at St. George’s hospital in the Lanesborough Wing pharmacy in 2014. Whilst completing my work experience, I dispensed drugs in the dispensary and got the chance to interact with patients. This showed me the importance of effective communication between a patient and their pharmacist. I found this a rewarding and key experience when deciding on my chosen course.

Despite having a broad technical knowledge about medication being a central factor in a career in pharmacy, a caring nature is equally important. In 2013 I volunteered for the Woodcraft Folk at the Colliers Wood community centre. As a result of my hard work and dedication, I received a Jack Petchy award, which prompted me to continue with my volunteering at the community centre. Through achieving my bronze Duke of Edinburgh award I acquired orienteering and teamwork skills, which will help me when liaising with other medical staff on problems patients may experience.  My regular job at Sainsbury’s in Putney as a customer assistant has expanded my skill set even further. I have learnt how to deal with customer complaints, ensuring that every customer receives all the help they require. This experience has prepared me for work in the real world by improving my interpersonal skills and enabling me to deal with a variety of situations in the work place.

I am particularly interested in studying this course in a case-based approach to experience the relevant real life aspects of medicine and learn how chemicals can manipulate the various components that make up the human body. Moreover I am excited to learn the fundamental chemistry that underpins Pharmacy. I am looking forward to bringing my enthusiasm, interests and dedication to your Pharmacy course and wider university life.

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