PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Pharmacy (Masters) Personal Statement

Submitted by Hasnan

Pharmacy (Masters) Personal Statement

Submitted by Hasnan

Why Pharmacy? I considered a range of medical career options but after attending the science live conference and BPF conference, I realized that a Masters in Pharmacy that best utilised my skills. Going to the UCL open day for pharmacy made me realise that this was the degree for me, especially due to my interest for the organic and aromatic side of chemistry. I have always enjoyed Maths and Science throughout my education, and I recognise that these are extremely useful tools for a successful career in Pharmacy. From studying Maths, my problem solving skills have flourished, which will enable me to use this to my advantage if an unexpected situation occurs in the future. I have found Chemistry and Biology thought-provoking, and classroom practicals have been a major factor for me entering the field of pharmacy. I particularly enjoy seeing for myself the reactions described in books. I have gained interest from a book on ‘The Brief History Of Pharmacy and Pharmaceuticals’, edited by Stuart Anderson. It explained that pharmacy is a fast-developing profession with a rich history, playing a fundamental role in our society for a large period of time.

I have a responsible role in school being a prefect since year eleven, where I provide ideas on improving the school environment to the Head of Sixth form, which requires diplomacy and good communications, necessary to become a competent pharmacist. I have completed the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award and I am currently in the midst of completing my Gold expedition. The practice and real expeditions pushed me and my team to the limit, and made us work as a team, and team-work is fundamental for a successful pharmacist. Last summer, I participated in NCS, where in the first week I did abseiling, which allowed me to conquer my fear of heights. This shows my tenacity and determination to reach and make new goals, which further shows my resilience. I also spent two months of volunteering at a Care Home, during which I spoke to and comforted the elderly. These experiences have involved interactions with numerous types of people and prove to have significantly boosted my confidence. I also spent two weeks’ work experience at Boots during which I worked as a sales assistant. This involved interactions with various types of people of different age groups and with unexpected needs. During this time, there was a pharmacy section inside the store, which piqued my curiosity. I observed an attentiveness in their work and found their attitude towards customers rewarding. Watching them for two weeks helping patients with desire and alertness, was the source of my original passion to be a part of this fascinating profession.

In my opinion, Pharmacy is not just about the usage of drugs, but it is also about showing care and being interactive with patients. Recently, via a home assessment, I have officially become a Young Carer, as I help my younger sibling who has a significant disability in her everyday life. As such, I have a great deal of experience and understanding in dealing with people with physical disabilities. Recently, I have also become a volunteer at Redbridge Forum, a charity organisation which aims to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. My job is to lead a group of people who talk about the difficulties of their daily lives due to their siblings having special needs, which requires leadership skills, something that is highly thought of in the world of pharmacy.

In my spare time, I have a great interest in sports including cricket and tennis, regularly taking part both in school and externally. This has provided me with a healthy lifestyle. To conclude, I strongly believe that the vast number of life-changing experiences that I have had in my life has enabled me to gain the critical attributes required in order to become, which is my definitive goal, a professional and successful pharmacist.

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