PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Pharmacy Personal Statement

Submitted by Sonal

Pharmacy Personal Statement

Submitted by Sonal

I am interested in pursuing a career in Pharmacy as I have a passion for helping people and a desire to make a difference in people's lives. The physiological aspects of Biology and the use of chemicals in these systems gives me a thirst to learn more. A topic in Biology which sparked my interest in Pharmacy was disease. It is enthralling to study how our bodies work and how they are complex enough to fight diseases through our immune system. Biology explains biological processes affecting health and provides me with the knowledge of how diseases are caused and how certain diseases can spread. All this is necessary to better understand how different medications work and have their effect on our bodies. The crossover of Chemistry and Biology display the importance they both have in the world today. For instance, in respiration, to know the biological processes involved in Glycolysis, you need to understand the chemical reactions behind it. Chemistry is at the route of Pharmacy and the Pharmaceutical Industry; the understanding of organic chemistry, for example alkanes and alkenes, is vital to make medicines. Pharmacists are not only concerned with how chemicals affect the body, but also, how the chemicals interact with each other.

During my gap year, I have further understood the work of a pharmacist and gained further experience at my local chemist. I have learnt that pharmacists play a vital role in Primary Healthcare. As well as being experts in dispensing medications, they provide advice on many conditions such as diabetes, obesity and anti-smoking techniques to mention a few. Medication is the most common form of treatment of disease, and I believe without having the expertise from Pharmacists, who check prescriptions are in the correct dose for the correct conditions, mistakes might go unnoticed. Whilst working at the chemist, I realised how complex the role of a Pharmacist is. On the one hand, they need to deal with suppliers and the other hand with patients. One minute they are advising a customer about a skin condition and the next they are directing customers to goods on the shop floor. A Pharmacist needs strong analytical and problem-solving skills with an ability to be precise and methodical. By studying Biology and Chemistry and working in the College laboratory, I have gained some preliminary experience in these areas.

I am also currently working in Primark as a retail assistant. This involves working in a fast-paced environment working alongside my colleagues to provide the best customer service possible. I regularly interact with customers which further developed my interpersonal skills. Reading the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Blog has further developed my interest and passion in Pharmacy. This blog provides information on health and reading people's viewpoints informs me about the different ethical issues surrounding medicines and medication. Previously joining a Debating Society developed my critical thinking skills and gave me confidence. I realised, listening is as important as speaking when it comes to communication. Completing the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award involved volunteering at Princess Alice Hospice, where I developed my time management and organisation skills. Additionally, being a prefect at College required being a role model to other students and working together with other prefects as part of a team, helping out at College events, where I developed a sense of responsibility that enhanced my leadership skills. I also have a passion for travelling and exploring different countries and their cultures, this helps me build relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.

I would say I am hard-working, focused and dedicated to study Pharmacy at university. I am keen to enhance my knowledge in the field of Pharmacy. I look forward to the challenges ahead and hope to participate fully in university life.

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