PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Pharmacy Personal Statement

Submitted by Erin

Pharmacy Personal Statement

Submitted by Erin

From the science behind the design and production of medicines to the practical role of working with patients, medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies, it is this variety that attracts me to a career in pharmacy. Over the course of my A-Level studies, I have developed a passion for Chemistry and Biology; I enjoy how these sciences complement each other, for example, through studying molecules and their structures. I thoroughly enjoyed my work experience and through this I was able to confirm that pharmacy is the career that would allow me to combine my interest in the chemical composition of medicines with their clinical application, to ultimately improve the quality of individuals' lives.

I completed work experience in both a hospital and community setting. Whilst in a local pharmacy, I helped the pharmacist process prescriptions and dispense a range of drugs. It was evident that a methodical approach and attention to detail are key attributes required for this profession. These are skills I believe I am already developing through my lab work such as the preparation of serial dilutions in Biology. I also enjoyed engaging with members of the public and by the end of the placement, under the pharmacist's direction, I was advising customers on how to treat a range of minor ailments from indigestion to the common cold. I gained a deep appreciation of the importance of the role of the pharmacist in delivering primary care to all sectors of the community whilst working within legal and ethical guidelines. The positions of responsibility I hold in school, including prefect and peer mentor, my participation in extra-curricular activities and work experience to date, show that I am a trustworthy individual. I also possess the skills that allow me to communicate effectively with a range of people; from parents with young children through to the elderly and those with learning difficulties. An additional part of community pharmacy that appealed to me was the business side of the role. Successful completion of Business Studies at GCSE helped me understand concepts such as supply, demand and stock management.

I also spent time work-shadowing in Antrim Area Hospital where I gained insight into the role of a pharmacist in an alternative setting. I realised the pressurised conditions that pharmacists often work under, for example, the urgency of getting the correct medication to patients who were often very unwell. On consideration of my own ability to work under pressure, I am confident that this is an aspect of the career I would have the resilience to cope with. I currently hold a part time retail position and often deal with large numbers of customers whilst maintaining professionalism and providing good customer service. I also successfully balance my academic studies, my job and other commitments such as working towards my Grade 5 piano. I realised the importance of collegiality and the role that pharmacists play in multi-disciplinary teams in a hospital environment, all with differing backgrounds, but with the ultimate goal of providing the best care for the patient. I have personal experience of successful teamwork including playing for the school netball team, as well as being a member of the charity committee, where I hold the role of secretary.

I have been a member of the Girls' Brigade for almost ten years and I am training to be a Sub-Officer. I also have three years of voluntary experience in a local Oxfam shop. These activities, alongside my commitments both in and out of school, further illustrate my leadership skills, ability to prioritise and manage my own workload and my desire to work with people. I am truly passionate about studying pharmacy at university. I am excited about the prospect of a highly varied career that allows me to further my interest in chemical and biological sciences in a practical role, whilst ultimately improving the life of others.

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