PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Pharmacy Personal Statement

Submitted by Zumeya

Pharmacy Personal Statement

Submitted by Zumeya

My desire to study Pharmacy has come after thorough research into the profession. I understand that pharmacists are health care professionals who are experts in medicine. It is their role to communicate the safe and effective use of complex medicines to everyday people looking for a remedy. I believe I have many personal attributes that make this my ideal course and profession.

Pharmacy intrigues me as it is a health profession that links health sciences with Chemistry to guarantee that medicines administered are safe and effective for a specific condition. I am ideal for this course as my A-level studies of Chemistry, Biology and Psychology provide a strong foundation of scientific knowledge and practice that is essential in studying Pharmacy. I enjoy learning about Organic Chemistry and find it interesting how a molecule can have various reaction pathways and mechanisms due to its functional group. Throughout the Biology and Chemistry courses, there has been a strong emphasis on core practical elements. Measuring enzyme activity of catalase, synthesising esters and analysing IR spectra are some instances in which I had to show competence and diligence to succeed. In the summer of 2017 I had the opportunity to partake in a chemistry summer school at King's College University of London. I synthesised sunscreen and was able to work with specialist equipment such as UV and IR mass spectrometers. I know that studying Pharmacy would need great patience and resilience during activities such as lab work, especially when working with a group. Similarly, the same forbearance and dedication would be needed when writing academic essays and meeting deadlines.

I am a confident speaker and an intuitive listener, which allow people to feel comfortable and relaxed. This was a very important skill I had to display when I acted as an FGM awareness advocate in my local area and across several London boroughs. It involved empathetically discussing a very mature topic with councilors and young girls. Also, I can adapt to new environments and situations comfortably. This is a skill I have picked up over my three years of voluntary work as a cadet at St John's ambulance. I learned first aid where I worked effectively and cooperatively in numerous teams. It has involved many events and trips, one being the London Marathon, where I helped injured athletes and bystanders, and even administered medicaments. I always bring energy and commitment to everything I am involved in. This was particularly necessary during my voluntary work as a peer mentor at my secondary school and local youth club. I supported and guided younger students in achieving their potentials. I believe that I can benefit from University and the course, but I also believe that I can offer hard-work and be a bright and interesting character to your University.

I am an advocate for not only working hard but also enjoying free time, where I like to go to the gym as I believe keeping healthy is important, as it also can aid your mental health. This is also supported in an article by the Harvard Health Blog which states "regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory, thinking skills". During my secondary years I played for my school's female basketball team where I had the opportunity to be trained and coached by members of the London Lions team. I also got to compete against several other schools within the borough.

In the future I am keen to work as a community pharmacist. This would allow me to interact with people of all backgrounds and cultures, which would undoubtedly enrich my own life, whilst playing a meaningful role in the community.

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Gain a highly sought-after qualification by studying Pharmacology and benefit from the state-of-the-art STEM labs at Bedfordshire.

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