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University Rankings

University Rankings

University Rankings

University Compare has a number of user reviews, these reviews are collated by students past and present alike. These ratings have allowed us to create a league table based on the factors that are the most important to the student that are applying to university and put them into different categories for university rankings. We’ve found that the most important factors for students that are going to university tend to be the following:

This has allowed us to assign each university a unique score and ranking, so without any further adieu, let’s see where everyone finishes in the University Compare Awards!

Institute and Course Quality:

Durham University ranks the highest for Institute and Course quality. It’s a testament to the hard work that the university has done to achieve such a high score! Coming up in a very close second, we have the University of Chester. The university has been one of the highest performing universities for a number of years and the graduation rate only reflects this. We could be seeing a potential new champion next year! Bringing up the third, fourth and fifth positions, we have the University of Dundee, the University of Winchester and the University of York. We can see the top five getting more and more competitive and we can see the universities getting further and further up the scoreboard too!

University Accommodation:

We said that the University of Winchester was going to be making it’s way up the rankings table and it most certainly has here, as it claims the top spot here, with a stunning 4.38/5 rating. In a very close second place, we have Loughborough University. Will we be seeing Loughborough at the top next time around? In another very close jockeying for third fourth and fifth place, we have the University of Edinburgh, the University of Liverpool and Bangor University, with nothing but 0.08 between them. A fair representation from around the UK as Wales, England and Scotland battle it out in third, fourth and fifth, and given the well received university reviews we could be seeing them even higher next year.  

Employment Opportunities:

At the very top of the pile, we have another win for Durham University! The university ranks at the top for employment with a stunning 4.39/5 rating for University Compare users. With only a 0.13 difference between the top two, the University of Bristol comes in at a very close second. Maybe we could be seeing the University of Bristol a the very top of the employment tables next year? In third, we have the University of Leeds which is only 0.02 behind Bristol. Bringing up the fourth and fifth spots we have Keele University and Loughborough University, which have 0.03 between them and are steadily rising the rankings, although they face stiff competition, the universities have got enough students to make a real push for the top of the league next year!


At the very top of out Nightlife rankings, we have the University of Leeds! The University of Leeds could be onto something special and we could be seeing them at the summit of many more league tables! And in a 0.01 differential second place, we see Newcastle University, which has been climbing up their rankings across the University Compare website for some time. Could Newcastle University make up their 0.01 deficiency and claim the title next year? Coming in at third, fourth and fifth we have the University of Liverpool, Loughborough University and Nottingham Trent University respectively. All of these universities have a huge potential to be even higher in the league tables next year and will be looking to turn things around, with there being a large gap, all three universities have some catching up to do, but they’re all capable according to their excellent reviews.

Best Universities for Sport:

Our rankings and user reviews have shown us that once again, the University of Leeds currently holds the top position, with a stunning 4.34 rating. Coming in at second we have Newcastle University. Situated just three minutes from Newcastle United’s St. James’ Park Stadium, it’s easy to see why the university boasts a 4.24 ranking. Elsewhere in the league tables, we have the University of Portsmouth, which despite its ranking, has a very respectable three-and-a-half star rating for sports, which places it above the University of Brighton and Brunel University.

So there you have it! The University Compare awards have shown where everyone finishes in their respective categories. As we gain more and more reviews, we’re able to see the rankings change over time and everyone will be moving up or down depending on user reviews and we can’t wait to see where everyone is next year!

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